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Health and Safety Courses



We provides health and safety courses to healthcare settings.

Our aims are to provide customers with high quality and compassionate training that will promote the safe, health and well-being of all service users. 

We are CPD Accredited and all our trainer are with level 3 certificate in education and training, with over ten years in health and social care industry.

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Certificate in Adult Social Care


Our Certificate in Adult Social care will help you to gain the skills, knowledge and understanding care in adult social care setting.  

"Adult social care is about supporting people to maintain their independence, dignity and control.

This includes providing practical and personal support to help people live their lives. This could include supporting someone to do social activities, assessing someone’s care or mobility needs, helping someone with a disability to find a house or a job, or assisting someone with their personal care.

People who work in social care could support people with a range of needs, including people with a physical disability, a mental health condition such as dementia or autism. This could include young adults or older people".

 Osa First Care is an Accredited  Company

Recruitment and Healthcare staff


  We provide high quality and compassionate care staff that we have trained in the right skills to enable them to deliver to you, Person centered, excellent care and keeping your service users safe.

All our staff are trained, DBS checked and have completed the healthcare awareness courses. This is to make sure they can provide the best possible care that service user deserved.

 When you need extra care staff and support worker, you need Care agency that responds quickly with staff that is caring .

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Community & Partnership


We partner with local and national training providers, regulating body, health promotion and for training update and mental health and well-being of our staff.

One of our partners is Zion Extra



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Health Promotion Information


Membership and Accreditation

We are member of Society For Education and Training



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 Health  Promotion and  Staff  welfare   

Osa First Care Ltd Is An Accredited Provider