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Services related to healthcare, education, and work-based accreditation.

The Osa First Care College is a registered UK healthcare and education provider. We offers a wide range of vocationally oriented and internationally recognized qualifications – such as the Award in Healthcare, Diploma in Public Health, and many of them are eligible for UK funding.

As well as specializing in recruitment, OSA First Care also provides health and social care workforce solutions.

We provide social workers, registered nurses, midwives, healthcare assistants, and support workers across the United Kingdom.

The structured approach we take to a more personalised, professional service has made our business an ideal resource when it comes to staffing needs. Osa First Care strives to deliver tailor-made solutions to clients, while providing candidates with full support during the recruitment process.

We offer the following healthcare services and clinical practices:

  • Mental Health Treatment service
  • Rehabilitation and treatment support
  • PICU Staffing support
  • Domestic care support workers
  • Nursing support
  • Community care
  • Live in care
  • Aftercare support
  • Advice and support for medications and treatments
  • PTCD and family wellbeing support online

Our endorsed programme service has certified over 1,000 learners for over 30 clients globally, while our qualifications development service has developed a diverse range of regulated bespoke qualifications.