The Process

Candidate Recruitment Process and Compliance

Clinical Interviews

STEP 1 - Clinical Interviews

  1. Critical part of the healthcare recruitment process.
  2. This helps Osa First Care to evaluate a healthcare workers clinical skills, experience, and suitability for a specific job.
  3. Clinical interviews will involve questions about education, training, work experience, clinical skills, communication skills, teamwork, laws and regulations, and maybe technology.

STEP 2 - Skills Check

  1. This is an evaluation of a healthcare workers ability to perform specific clinical skills and procedures.
  2. It is conducted by a healthcare professional of a higher calibre to ensure that workers are competent and able to provide safe and effective patient care.
  3. This may involve demonstration of skills such as medication administration, wound care, IV insertion, and catheterization, and many more.
Skills Check

STEP 3 - Literacy and Numeracy Competency Test

  1. This ensures healthcare professionals possess the basic skills required for safe patient care.
  2. Tests identify areas for additional training and support to prevent errors, improve knowledge and implement growth.
  3. Reading, writing, and math skills are crucial for accurate interpretation of patient charts and medication orders.

STEP 4 - Evidence of Relevant Qualifications

  1. Evidence of relevant qualifications ensures that healthcare workers possess the necessary knowledge and skills to provide safe and effective patient care.
  2. It helps healthcare organizations comply with regulatory requirements and maintain quality standards.
  3. Providing evidence of qualifications enhances the credibility and professionalism of healthcare workers, which in turn increases client trust and confidence in their services.
Regulatory Body Checks

STEP 5 - Regulatory Body Checks

  1. Regulatory body checks ensure that healthcare workers meet minimum standards for education, training, and professional conduct.
  2. They help protect patients from potential harm by identifying past disciplinary actions or criminal convictions that can pose a risk to patient safety.
  3. Regulatory body checks are an important part of due diligence for Osa First Care and its clients, helping to mitigate potential legal and reputational risks associated with hiring unqualified or unsuitable candidates.

STEP 6 - HPAN and Regulatory Body Alerts

  1. This provides important information about healthcare professionals’ regulatory status, including any disciplinary actions, restrictions, or suspensions.
  2. By monitoring HPAN and regulatory body alerts, Osa First Care can help ensure that we are only placing qualified and reputable healthcare professionals into jobs.